Curriculum Vita


Marina Stock McIsaac, Ph. D.

Professor Emerita, Department of Educational Technology
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Mailing address: 516 W. 18th St, Tempe, Arizona, 85281, USA
Tel +1 480.894.0232; Cell +1 480.241.9319

Academic Preperation








Education Technology

Minor Fields: Educational


Communication Arts

Library Science

(With Distinction)



University of Wisconsin,

Madison, Wisconsin



University of Wisconsin,

Madison, Wisconsin

Pomona College,

Claremont, California









Recent Academic Experience

Fulbright Senior Specialist

Universidade de Aveiro

Aveiro, Portugal


May 2008

Visiting Professor

  Departmaneto de

  Didactica e Tecnologia


Universidade de Aveiro,

Aveiro, Portugal



Fulbright Alumni Iniatives Award

 Open Education Faculty

Anadolu University

Eskisehir, Turkey


July 2002

Professor Emerita

  Educational Technology

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ




  Educational Technology

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ



Fulbright Senior Scholar/Researcher

  Educational Communications

Andolu University

Eskisehir, Turkey



Research and Training

International Distance Education, Social and Cultural effects of computer-mediated communication in global education, Information and Communication Technologies for Professional and Faculty Development.

Awards, Honors:

Fulbright Senior Specialist Award, 2008
International Contributions Award, International Division, AECT-2007
President, International Council for Educational Media 2002-2006
Fulbright Alumni Initiatives Award, 2001
Distinguished Service Award, International Division, AECT-1998
Outstanding Faculty Award, Arizona State University-1997
President, International Division ,AECT 1996-97
Fulbright Senior Scholar/Researcher Award-1991-92
President, Research and Theory Division, AECT-1990-91
President, International Visual Literacy Association-1989-90
Fulbright Senior Scholar Award-1986-87

Recent Professional Organizational Activity:

2004-Pres. Board of Directors, Center for the Advancement of Research and Development in Education Technology, (CARDET); Cyprus
2002-2006 President and United States Representative, International Council for Educational Media, (ICEM), a UNESCO affliated NGO.
2001-2006 Board Member, International Council, Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)
2001-2002 Discipline Peer Review Board, Fulbright Senior Specailists Program, US Council for International Exchange of Scholars
2001-2002 Recipient Fulbright Alumni Initiatives Award
2000-2001 Arizona Board of Regents' Task Force on Higher Education

Recent Invited Addresses, Presentations, Symposia

Recent Invited Addresses, Presentations, Symposia

  • Current Trends in Distance Education Research

    McIsaac, M.S (2003, November)

    Symposium at the annual conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Anaheim, Oct.22-26, 2003.

  • The Globalization of Education

    McIsaac, M.S. (2003, November)

    Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Anaheim, Oct.22-26, 2003.

  • “ICEM in a Digital Age”

    McIsaac, M.S. (2003,October). Presidential Address

    Congress of the International Council for Educational Media, Oslo, Norway, October 7, 2003.

  • International Perspectives on Culture and ICT Based Teacher Training

    McIsaac, M.S. (2003, May). Invited keynote Address,

    Address and Paper prepared for EGITEK 2003 Conference, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, May 28-30, 2003.

  • Education, Communication and Technology in the Information Age

    McIsaac, M.S. (2003, May). Invited Panelist

    Faculty of Communication Science, Istanbul University, Istanbul, May 7, 2003.

  • Continuing the Discussion on Research Constructs in Distance Education: Enhancing Learner Interaction and Building Online Learning Communities

    McIsaac, M.S., Blocher, J.M., Bradshaw, A.C., Johari, A., Leh, A., Tu, C.H., & Winograd, D. (2002, November)

    Symposium at the annual conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Dallas, Nov. 12-16, 2002.

  • Global Lifelong Learning: Continuous, Collaborative, and Connected.

    McIsaac, M.S.(2002, November)

    Invited presentation at the Socratic Seminar, annual conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Dallas, Nov. 12-16, 2002

  • Acikogretim Lisesinin Toplumsal Gelismeye Etkileri” (Open High School and Social Development)

    McIsaac, M.S. (2002, June) Invited Panelist

    Turkish Ministry of Education, Ankara.

  • Culture, Community Building, and ODL Research

    McIsaac, M.S. (2002, June) Invited Keynote Speaker

    CRIDALA 2002, Hong Kong, June 6, 2002.

  • Global Distance Education: Anadolu University’s Rise to Prominence

    McIsaac, M.S. (2002, May) Invited Keynote Speaker

    20th Anniversary Celebration of Open Education at Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey, May 23, 2002.

Recent Consulting
2008 Consultant, Center, for Faculty Development, "Technology and Action Research in the Classroom", Wenzao Ursline College of Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2006 Program Evaluator, Litespeed Learning Management System, Singapore, January 2006.
2004-2006 Arizona State University, College of Nursing, Educational Technology Consultant for "Meeting Demands for 21st Century Nurse Educators". Funded grant to improve.
2002-2004 Arizona State University, College of Extended Education, Designed and presented Faculty Development modules to assist university fauclty to integrate distance learning methods into campus-based and off-campus courses.
2002-2004 Anadolu University, Eskisehir Turkey Worked with university officials. Open Education Faculty (AOF) administrators, and faculty in Communication Sciences to promote collaborative activities between Anadolu and Arizona State University in publication, research and online course development.
1999-2001 Escola Superior de Santarem, Portugal worked in collaborative projects to set up videoconferences between classes at Escola Superior de Santarem and Arizona State University

Recent Articles, Chapters, Monographs, Reports

Recent Publications

  • McIsaac, M.S. (2002). Culture, community building and ODL research. Journal of China Distance Education. 10, (October), 17-21.

  • McIsaac, M.S.(2002) “Online learning from an international perspective”. Educational Media International, 39 (1) 17-22.

  • Vrasidas, C.,& McIsaac, M. (2001). Integrating technology in teaching and teacher education: Implications for policy and curriculum reform. Educational Media International, 38(2/3), 127-132.

  • McIsaac, M.S. (August 1, 2001) “Educators and Entrepreneurs: Struggling for Quality in International Distance Education”. Interview for Distance Education Report. 5 (15) 1,5.

  • McIsaac, M.S., Askar, P. & Akkoyunlu, B. (2000) Computer links to the West: Experiences from Turkey. In A. DeVaney, S. Gance and Y. Ma (Eds.) Technology and Resistance: Digital Communications and New Coalitions Around the World. Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education Series. Vol. 59. (pp. 153-165). New York: Peter Lang.

  • Vrasidas, C. & McIsaac, M.S. (2000) Principles of pedagogy and evaluation for web-based learning. Educational Media International, 37(2) 105-111.

  • Vrasidas, C., & McIsaac, M.S. (2000). Factors influencing interaction in an online course. In M. G. Moore & Cozine, G. T. (Eds.), Web-based Communications, the Internet, and Distance Education (pp. 62-72). University Park, PA: The American Center for the Study of Distance Education.

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